One Night Spa Retreat

1 Night

  • Check-in Days Permitted: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat

    • Check-in Time: 2-6PM

    • Check-out Time: 10AM

    • Spa is closed on Sunday



  • Private Queen Room accommodations (max of 2 guests per room)

  • 1 Restorative SPA DAY EXPERIENCE per person

  • Free access to in-house Infrared Sauna, Yoga/Meditation Room, Reading Nook, TV Lounge

  • Kitchenette

  • Shared Powder Room

  • Full bath/shower located at spa

  • Spa Liason to assist you throughout your retreat journey


  • Additional Spa Services available for a fee.



  • SINGLE OCCUPANCY = 348 per person

  • DOUBLE OCCUPANCY = 696 per couple (348 per person)

Restorative Spa Day Experience

​Choose your services:

  • 1 PREMIUM Service

  • 1 PRO Service

  • 3 BASIC Services

  • 1 Organic Juice/Smoothie

Pro Service Choices

Massage (30m)

Express Facial (30m)

Reflexology* (30m)

Reiki* (30m)

Health Coaching (30m)

Private Yoga (30m)

Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Drainage (40m)

Premium Service Choices

Massage (60m)

Spa Facial (60m)

Body Wrap/Scrub (60m)

Reflexology* (60m)

Reiki* (60m)

Health Coaching (60m)

Private Yoga (60m)

Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Drainage (60m)

Basic Service Choices

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Celluma Light Therapy

Normatec Compression Therapy

BioMat Deep Relaxation

Salt Room


Book your Retreat

Book your overnight stay online and fill out the form that is prompted. If you are staying for multiple nights, you will have to select "Retreat Stay" for each night you are staying. 


We will be touch to work out details with you and send an invoice for payment.

Call 443-345-4325 with any questions. We are happy to help:)

Sample Retreat Schedule

Arrival Day

9:00 AM: Arrive at Spa to complete forms and begin services

9:30 AM: Whole Body Cryotherapy

10:00 AM: Enjoy FREE Juice from Juice Bar

11:00 AM: Full Body Massage

12:00 PM: LUNCH Break (not provided)

2:00 PM: Check in at Tranquility Center and settle into your room.

2:30 PM: Private Yoga Class

4:00 PM: Salt Room

4:30 PM: Body Wrap/Scrub (Add-on)

5:30 PM: FREE TIME  (free use of Tranquility Center Infrared Sauna)

6:00 PM: BioMat Deep Relaxation Session

6:30 PM: Dinner (not provided)

7:30 PM: Self-Guided Yoga/Meditation

8:00 PM: FREE TIME until morning.

Departure Day (by 10AM)

8 AM: Awake & Enjoy Free use of Infrared Sauna before checking out

10 AM: Check Out and Head Home or stay at Spa and enjoy more services (NOTE: Spa is Closed on Sundays)

10:30 AM: Return to Spa for more services (purchase another package or pay for individual services)

This schedule could be altered by arriving later on Day 1 and planning to do full Spa Day on Day 2