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TempSure Envi RF



TempSure Envi Cellulite Reduction is a new, FDA-approved treatment that tightens your skin, improving the appearance of those dimpled areas on your body known as cellulite. Your treatment is a relaxing, pleasant experience, using no chemicals or injections.

The TempSure heating device uses radiofrequency to safely and gently heat the deep layers of your skin. The warming stimulates your skin to create tight new collagen fibers, smoothing skin and minimizing that “cottage cheese” look of cellulite that’s so hard to eliminate with just diet and exercise.

TempSure is a breakthrough technology with advantages over previous heat treatments. It stimulates your nerves less, allowing a higher temperature to be used without pain, so treatment is more efficient and comfortable.

What are the advantages of TempSure?

  • Safe for any type of skin

  • Pain-free, using no needles or chemicals

  • Safe for sun exposure and can be done year-round

  • Treatments completed in under an hour, with little disruption to your day


What can I expect at my TempSure cellulite reduction treatment?

Schedule a treatment during your lunch break, if you’d like. Your TempSure cellulite reduction takes between 30-60 minutes.

Your technician applies the heating device to your cellulite area, such as behind the thighs or above the knees. The TempSure instruments come in a variety of sizes, allowing us to precisely target heat to any area of your body.

You feel no pain, just a warm, massaging sensation. In a TempSure survey, 99% of patients rated their experience as relaxing and comfortable. Some described the feeling as similar to getting a hot stone massage.


Afterwards, you may notice a bit of redness on the treated site; this will subside. After your treatment, you can go right back to your daily routine.


When will I see results?

You’ll see some smoothing of your cellulite immediately, with full effects appearing over several weeks as the collagen continues to build up in your skin. A series of treatments is recommended, depending on how many cellulite areas you’d like to treat, and their severity. Our TempSure Envi Specialist will conduct a personal evaluation of your needs and determine the best plan for you.

Before & After

cellulite before after tempsure.jpg
before tempsure cellulite.jpg


after tempsure cellulite.jpg

After 4 Treatments

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