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Save $250!
Salt Room

Discover all the healing benefits of Halotherapy!

✔ Improve breathing

✔ Fight infection

✔ Clear mucus

✔ Reduce inflammation

✔ Tighten skin

✔ Purify skin

✔ Cleanse & exfoliate

✔ Relieve itching/swelling

✔ Manage stress


[$450 value!]

NEW! (limited time) 

Love Your Lymph Membership


Each month you will receive:

1 Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (60 min)

1 Detox Body Wrap -or- Scrub (60 min)

2 Ballancer Pro Sessions (40 min)

1 Health Coaching Session (30 min)

4 Infrared Sauna Sessions (30 min)

4 Cryotherapy Sessions


[Over $800 value!]

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