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Detox Weight Loss

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Unique Weight Loss Approach

The key to sustaining weight loss is by removing the toxic build-up in our bodies!

When we accumulate too many toxins (from food, air, products) – the liver gets overloaded – so then toxins have to get stored in our fat.


This makes our fat cells expand - and thus increases our weight & waistlines.


Removing these toxins through detoxification allows our liver to catch up and start removing the toxins from our fat cells.


We are then healthier and leaner as a result!

Detox Weight Loss Program

Our unique program includes a customized 2-week plan to help support and cleanse your liver while providing liver-friendly foods that are rich in nutrition, but low in toxicity. 

You don't have to worry about counting calories or points with this plan. The focus is on reducing the toxins coming into the body and allowing stored toxins to be released. 


Your health coach will give you the full details of the program, but in general you will have 2 days of organic protein shakes to jump start your weight loss. Then you will need to be prepared with plenty of fresh organic whole foods and lean organic protein sources (both plant & animal) to enjoy during the remainder of the 2 weeks. 


  • Organifi Complete Protein Shake Mix: Chocolate or Vanilla ($79.95 Value)

  • Organifi Liver Detox Supplements ($27.95 Value)

  • Guidance from a Certified Holistic Health Coach

    • Standard Program: 1 coaching session (30m) included (w/ generic meal plan)

    • Deluxe Program: 2 coaching sessions (30m) included (w/ customized meal plan)

  • Detox Services:

    • Two 30-min Infrared Sauna Sessions -OR- Two Whole Body Cryotherapy Sessions

    • BONUS - Deluxe Program gets you two Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Detox Sessions (60min full body sessions) ($158 Value)

Standard Program

 Lose up to 5-15 pounds in 2 weeks



1 Health Coaching Session

2 Cryo/Sauna Sessions



Deluxe Program

 Lose up to 10-20 pounds in 2 weeks



2 Health Coaching Sessions

2 Cryo/Sauna Sessions

2 Ballancer Pro (60m) Sessions



Looking for our Detox Weight Loss Pounds for Pounds Challenge?  Details HERE

Do you need to detox?
Detox Weight Loss
Detox Weight Loss Program

To Get Started

1. Purchase Detox Weight loss Package 
2. Book your Detox Health Coaching Session
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