Detox Weight Loss

Unique Weight Loss Approach

The key to sustaining weight loss is by removing the toxic build-up in our bodies!

When we accumulate too many toxins (from food, air, products) – the liver gets overloaded – so then toxins have to get stored in our fat.  Our bodies holds onto fat so that we can protect ourselves from the toxins.


If you lose weight without toxin removal – the fat will come back because it wants to protect us.


If the toxins are gone, there is no reason for our bodies to hold onto the fat.

Detox Weight Loss Program

Do you need to detox?

Detox Weight Loss

We can help!

Detox Weight Loss Program

Program includes:

  • Organifi Complete Protein Shake Mix: Chocolate or Vanilla ($79.95 Value)

  • Organifi Liver Detox Supplements ($27.95 Value)

  • Guidance from a Certified Holistic Health Coach

    • Basic Program: 1 coaching session (30m) included (with generic meal plan)

    • Deluxe Program: 2 coaching sessions (30m) included (with customized meal plan)

  • Detox Services:

    • Two 30-min Infrared Sauna Sessions -OR- Two Whole Body Cryotherapy Sessions

    • BONUS - Deluxe Program gets you two Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Detox Sessions (60min full body sessions) ($158 Value)

Basic Program

 Lose up to 5-15 pounds in 2 weeks



1 Health Coaching Session

2 Cryo/Sauna Sessions



Deluxe Program

 Lose up to 10-20 pounds in 2 weeks



2 Health Coaching Sessions

2 Cryo/Sauna Sessions

2 Ballancer Pro (60m) Sessions



Every BODY is Beautiful!!

We want you to LOVE the body you are in!

Let us Restore YOU!

When you need some extra help...

 Smooth your lumps and bumps and create beautiful curves with CryoSculpting - a non-invasive, non-toxic, highly effective treatment for reducing body fat and sculpting your body - just the way you want it!

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