•  Get FREE stuff every month!
  • 50% Off Regular prices on many services
  • 1 FREE BONUS service (max of $50 value) on sign-up day 
  • 3 Buddy Passes - bring buddies in for free services!
  • 10% OFF Cryoskin and Ballancer Pro Sessions
  • Family Sharing: Share your FREE visits and membership perks with immediate family (details below) 

Member Benefits


6 FREE Services each month

Choose Your Membership Level

Level 1

2 FREE Services each month


/ month

Level 2

4 FREE Services each month


/ month

Level 3


/ month

Level 4


UNLIMITED Services each month

/ month

8 FREE Services each month

Free Sessions roll over as long as membership is active
No Obligation - cancel at any time
Free Sessions only include services listed below.  Massage, Physical Therapy and other Specialty Services do not apply.
Choose your FREE Services each month based on the level you choose:
  • Whole Body Cryotherapy - $50 value

  • Infrared Sauna (up to 40 min) - up to $80 value

  • Normatec Compression Massage (30 min) - $40 value

  • Celluma Light Therapy Facial (30 min) - $40 value

  • Celluma Pain Relief Treatment (30 min) - $40 value

  • BioMat Infrared Therapy (30 min) - $40 value

Family sharing

Access to Member Benefits

1 Cryo Session per Month

Now, at RESTORE, when you become a member, so does your entire family!! With all of our Membership programs, you can share your FREE sessions and pass on the savings to your immediate family members.

Fine Print:

  • Family includes parents, children and spouse.

  • Only 3 Buddy passes per membership.

  • Under Level 4 (Unlimited), FREE services cannot be shared, but membership discounts can be shared with family.

How much can I save as a member?

Regular Price

Member Price
















What's a Buddy Pass?

Members will receive 3 Buddy Passes when you sign up and for every year of membership! 
Use the Buddy Pass to bring a buddy in for a free treatment when you come in for a treatment session.
*Buddy Passes can only be used while you are an active member
*Other rules and restrictions apply
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