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Pounds for Pounds Challenge

Registration Open: Dec 26, 2022-Jan 14, 2023
Checking Weight
Lose weight and help feed the hungry!

Enter the Restore Therapy Spa Detox Weight Loss Pounds for Pounds Challenge!

Join the challenge! We will give you all of the tools you need to lose weight and improve your health! For every pound you lose, we will donate a pound of food to Carroll County Food Sunday!  It's a WIN-WIN!!  

The Pounds for Pounds Challenge uses our highly effective Detox Weight Loss Program combined with wellness detox services to offer the highest level of support to our participants.

All you have to do is choose one of our packages below to participate in the Pounds for Pounds Challenge and be eligible to win one of our amazing prizes (up to $1500 value). Budget-friendly weekly payment options available for each plan.


Packages include health coaching session(s), Detox Wellness Services, Functional Medicine evaluation and followups, biweekly health coaching chats and more!!

The program will begin on January 9th. We encourage getting your initial weigh-in before January 14th. 

See details below.

All Programs are 12 weeks and include:

  • Detox Weight Loss Guidance

  • Weekly Motivational Emails

  • Biweekly Group Video Chats

  • Online Support Group with Recipes & Tips

  • 2-Day Fasting Guide to Jump Start Weight Loss

  • Weekly Weigh-ins

  • 10% OFF Protein Powder & Liver Detox Supplements


  • 1 Health Coaching session (30 min)

  • 1 CryoTherapy -or- Sauna Session per week

  • 1 BioMat with Detox Binaural Beats session per week

  • Generic 2-week meal planning guide


  • 1 Health Coaching session (30 min) per week

  • 1 CryoTherapy -or- Sauna Session per week

  • 1 BioMat with Detox Binaural Beats session per week

  • 1 Ballancer Pro (60 minute) session per week

  • Generic 2-week meal planning guide


  • 1 Health Coaching session (30 min) per week

  • UNLIMITED Basic services every week

  • 1 Ballancer Pro session (60 min) per week

  • Customized 2-week meal planning guide

  • Functional Medicine Weight Loss evaluation

  • 2 Functional Medicine follow-ups


Prizes will be awarded at the end of the 12-week challenge period to our top 3 "losers" based on % of weight lost!
1st prize-  CryoSculpt Standard 5 pack
2nd prize-  Restorative Spa Day
3d prize- Detox Body Wrap


PLUS weekly prizes for the top performer at each weigh-in! (FREE Cryotherapy or Infrared Sauna session)

Exclusive offers just for our Pounds for Pounds Challengers:

Personal Training 10-pack:
$480 ($549 reg price)

Balanced Health Scan:
$279 (reg price $300)

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