Get Free CryoSculpt for ONE YEAR - Max of twice per week. Smooth out lumps and bumps; Slim and tone your entire body with our safe, highly effective techniques for destroying fat cells, boosting collagen and reducing cellulite. 

(Value over $30,000)

One Year of FREE CryoSculpt

  • CryoSculpt applies to Fat Reduction and Body Toning Sessions (up to 60 min sessions, depending on length of time required to treat each area - varies by area of body and desired effect); CryoFacials may be substituted any time at client request. We recommend following advice of CryoSculpt Expert and moving through areas of body strategically for greatest effects in each area. Fat Reduction (destroying fat cells) can only be done once every 2 weeks as per standard protocol. In between toning services can be performed up to 2 times per week.

    No Refunds or Credits will be honored. Results vary and depend on adherence to protocol and lifestyle factors. Sessions will not roll over: max of 2 sessions per week.

    One YEAR can begin immediately after purchase or within 3 months of new space opening (March 2020).

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