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Recovery IV

This blend was specifically formulated with ingredients that will:​​
  • fuel your muscles

  • encourage fat burn

  • reduce inflammation

  • restore hydration

  • boost energy

  • allow faster recovery

  • aide in weight loss

  • boost performance and endurance

  • and much more!

Who is it for?

This formula can help anyone who experiences:
  • excessive soreness after exercise

  • frequent injuries

  • low endurance

  • difficulty losing weight

  • muscle pain

  • plateau of performance

  • hangover symptoms

  • jet lag symptoms

  • dehydration after illness/exercise

  • and more - ask our nurses!

How often?

Athletic Events: best to receive several days before an event/competition; and then 1-2 days after.


Athletic Performance: every 2 weeks to support the body.


Weight loss: every 2 weeks until desired results are achieved. Recommend combining with MIC shots 2-3x/week.
Recovery: ASAP for hangover, jet lag, illness recovery.
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