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Stretch Therapy

Find Flexibility with a Stretch Therapy Session!

Stretch Therapy is a relaxing, therapeutic treatment aimed to improve flexibility from head to toe.  A trained therapist will move your body through a sequence of movements and positions to gently elongate muscles and ease aches/pains. Appropriate for all ages and flexibility levels.  

Quick FAQ
Do I remain full dressed for the session?

Yes! You should wear comfortable loose clothing that will not restrict movement.

Is it painful?

No! The stretches should never be painful. Your therapist will work with you to find the perfect stretch so that you are getting a comfortable, effective stretch.

How is this different from just stretching on my own at home?

Being stretched by a professional trained therapists is not only more relaxing and therapeutic, but allows your tissues to get into positions that are very difficult to achieve on your own. This will allow for very specific stretches to ensure a complete stretch to each muscle. And it will allow stretching of smaller harder to stretch muscles.

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