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Physical Therapy

Continue your physical therapy progress from the comfort of your own home.  Ann Edwards, DPT, has been treating all kinds of orthopedic, chronic pain and post-surgical patients for 18 years.  She can offer expert advice on diagnosing pain complaints, self-trigger point releases, appropriate stretches/strengthening exercises and much more via telehealth appointments.

Sample PT Telehealth appointment:
1. Discuss your concerns with the Doctor of Physical Therapy
2. The doctor will ask questions and ask you to perform movements in order to diagnose the problem.
3. You will be guided through movements to see how your problem responds.
4. You will be shown how to release your muscles or mobilize your joints at home.
5. You will then be taught exercises that will help to reduce pain, improve mobility and prevent future injury.

You do not need to be a current patient to participate. If you have typically used massage or other providers who you cannot see now, this may be a good adjunct to help reduce pain and improve your function during this time.  If you have friends or family who were undergoing traditional PT for surgical recovery or other rehabilitation, they may also benefit. 

$40 for 30 minute session - prepayment required

Health Coaching

Reach your goals. Feel better. Shed a few pounds. A health coach can help YOU!! 
And during this pandemic, we are making it more affordable than ever!!

Becky Martin, a certified health coach, can help you reach your goals by being a detective and evaluating you as a whole person. She will look at all factors of our life which may impact your health, offer helpful solutions and serve as an accountability partner. With each session, she will create mini-goals for you to work achieve, which build over time into an overall healthier, happier YOU!

$40 for 30 minute session - prepayment required

Distance Reiki

Reiki is an energy healing modality that does not require the use of hands-on manipulation.  It works energetically and can be done just effectively remotely as it can be done in person.  Obviously you will lose the benefit of being in the beautiful, calm, peaceful environment of the Restore Spa, but is a great alternative during this time of physical distancing.  You can still get the great benefits of reducing stress, releasing trauma, boosting your immune system and all of the other benefits of a Reiki Session.  You will just need to find a comfortable place in your home where you won't be disturbed (even if this means hiding in your car or closet).  We are able to do the session over the phone or through a video call.  We will be offering 30 minute and 60 minute sessions.  If you haven't tried Reiki yet, now is the perfect time to try it.

$40 for 30 minute session/ $70 for 60 minute session - prepayment required
$179 for 5 session package (30 minutes)

Immunity Boosting Energy Session

We have a new offering to support our amazing clients during this challenging time based on the Energy Medicine work of Donna Eden.  One of the best things that you can do to keep your immune system strong is to calm and sooth your Triple Warmer Meridian and strengthening our Spleen Meridian.  These energy systems need to be balanced to best combat stress and stay vital and healthy.

Triple Warmer is the meridian that controls our fight, flight or freeze responses.  Under normal circumstances our Triple Warmer meridians tend to be on constant over drive, but now with the threat of the Covid illness, social disconnection and financial uncertainty, we are even more at risk of stress related illness and issues.  Learning some easy techniques that you can do on your own at home will be a tremendous support to your immune system and your overall sense of well being.

The Spleen Meridian is the opposite meridian system from the Triple Warmer.  When Triple Warmer meridian is continually on high alert it draws energy from the Spleen meridian and the other meridian system of the body.  So the Triple Warmer is perpetually over-energized and the Spleen is perpetually under-energized.  Over time this imbalance can have negative consequences for your mind, body and spirit.

These sessions will be done over Zoom video calls to teach you some easy techniques that you can do to rebalance your Triple Warmer and Spleen Meridians.

$40 for 30 minute session - prepayment required
$179 for 5 session package


Gabrielle Shirdon, MS, CCPT, LPCP will lead these telehealth sessions. 
Please contact her directly to schedule. 




New Telehealth Clients - Fill out BOTH the Telehealth and the General Consent Form. If you have a General Consent Form on File with Restore, you can skip that part.

Telehealth Consent Form

General Intake Form

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