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Waxing at Restore Therapy Spa

You can trust the professionals at Restore Therapy Spa for your waxing needs.  We offer facial and full body waxing using StarPil Starsoft Hard Wax.

Starpil Starsoft hard wax is formulated without pine rosin, perfumes, coloring agents, or preservatives, making it a hypoallergenic and fabulously clean wax. This wax is blended with softening and moisturizing tamanu oil, which contains powerful neurosensory properties to reduce pain and redness. It soothes all skin types, eases inflammation, and speeds the recovery process after waxing.


Yes, it’s called Starsoft, and it’s a dream for sensitive skin, but that doesn’t mean it’s not tough on removing any hair type from the root while pampering skin.

Waxing Services


Brow Shaping

Brows are measured and outlined before waxing to ensure proper shape for your face


Brow Maintenance 

Quick clean up of stray hairs above and below the brow as well as in between


Full Face

Sideburns, chin, lip, and brows included



Upper lip wax​



Chin and jawline wax


Lip & Chin

Lip, chin and jawline wax



Side-burn area, cheek and ear region


Facial Brow Waxing


Underarm Waxing


Full Arms 

Waxing entire arms, both sides


Half Arms

Waxing lower arms only, both sides


Full Legs

Waxing entire legs, both sides​


Half Legs

Waxing lower legs, both sides



Hair removal on the chest



Hair removal on the stomach


Hair removal on the back



Waxing the bikini area to the extent requested​



Waxing the bikini and rectal area to the extent requested

Leg Bikini Brazilian Waxing
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