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X°Press CryoFacial

The X°Press CryoFacial is a 10-minute facial treatment that applies
cooled air to the skin of the face, neck and scalp to stimulate collagen,
tighten skin and reduce puffiness.

CORE Service

Treatment Time: 10 minutes


What to Expect

  • The 10-minute treatment is performed by a licensed Esthetician.

  • During the session, you will lie on your back on a treatment table.

  • First, the Cryo Mask will be held over the face for approximately 2 minutes.

  • Next, the provider will apply cooling strokes along the neck and jaw line to tone and lift skin.

  • Finally, the larger diffuser is used to provide a rejuvenating scalp treatment.

  • You will leave feeling refreshed and glowing!


Conditions Treated

  • Improves skin tone, texture, and elasticity

  • Stimulates collagen production to prevent, and improve appearance of wrinkles

  • Reduces puffiness and inflammation

  • Tightens skin around jawline, neck, and décolletage

Use Caution

 Individuals with the following conditions should consult with their healthcare provider:

  • Raynaud's Disease

  • Circulatory Disorders

  • Cold Allergies or Sensitivities

  • Open Wounds or Skin Conditions

  • Impaired Temperature Sensation

  • Metal Implants

How Often?

  • Initial Phase: 2-3x/week until desired

results are achieved. Recommended
duration roughly 2-4 weeks for ages 30-50;
4-6 weeks for ages 50+.

  • Maintenance Phase: Once desired results

are achieved, weekly treatments are

If you’d like more information about X°Press CryoFacial, get in touch today.

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