Founded by Dr. Ann Edwards, a physical therapist and certified dry needling expert, restore was born out of a desire to break through the mold of the traditional therapy experience.

When Dr. Edwards opened her private practice (Ann Edwards Physical Therapy) in 2012, she heard from more and more patients that they weren't getting results from traditional Physical Therapy.  So, they sought out an alternative.  Dr. Edwards' approach was refreshing for these patients because instead of being bounced around from therapist to therapist at the busy clinics, the patient knew they would have quality care every visit.  Furthermore, Dr. Edwards approach involved hands-on manual therapy approaches for the majority of the treatment session.  Exercise was still an important role, but it was taught to the patient for them to do themselves at home. 


Dry needling soon became an integral part of the practice, as the dramatic results were hard to ignore. Eventually, almost every patient seeking care at Dr. Edwards' practice requested the dry needling treatment that their friends and neighbors had been raving about.  

Dr. Edwards would often refer patients out to other providers for supplemental care, but massage therapy seemed to be the most effective adjunct to her treatments.

Whole body cryotherapy was next discovered as an amazing therapeutic tool to decrease pain & inflammation and help patient recover from dry needling treatments faster.

Thus, with the goal of bring all of these therapies together, Restore Therapy Redefined opened in November of 2017.  We are thrilled to offer physical therapy, dry needling, massage therapy, whole body cryotherapy and amazing renewal therapies (infrared sauna, Celluma light therapy, Normatec compression, BEMER vascular therapy).

the restore



As you enter our facility, you will understand our motto: "Therapy Redefined."

We pride ourselves in delivering a therapy experience like no other you have experienced before. "Welcome to restore!"


Once you sign in at the reception desk, you are invited to relax in the restore lounge while waiting for your therapy session.  Sit back in a heated massage chair and sip on some organic hot tea and enjoy a healthy snack.  Prepare to be pampered!


We are proud to be the first clinic to offer Whole Body Cryotherapy in Carroll County.  Hailed by professional athletes as the recovery tool that stands above the rest, Cryo is a state-of-the-art treatment tool that helps a wide range of conditions from chronic pain and fibromyalgia to Multiple Sclerosis and athletic injuries.

infrared sauna

Our Infrared Sauna room is a beautiful, cozy retreat!  Slide the barn door closed, step into the sauna and into your own private happy place.  Use the tablet in the sauna to play your favorite music, watch a show on Netflix or simply sit in silence and meditate - YOUR choice!  When you are finished we have cool lavender towels for you to wipe down.

physical therapy

Ann Edwards, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Trigger Point Dry Needling Expert, has created a serene environment ideal for your rehabilitation needs.  With the focus on manual, hands-on techniques, you will have your specific needs addressed efficiently and effectively. Come experience the difference for yourself!

Sandra Canby, RN, LMT

Sarah McConnell, LMT

Massage Therapy

Whether you are looking for a deep tissue therapeutic massage, a relaxing swedish massage or something a little different, like lymphatic drainage or hot stones - our massage therapists have got you covered!  We are proud to have 3 excellent licensed massage therapists on our team with a combined 36 years of experience!  Let us pamper you!

Restore Therapy Spa
914 Washington Road
Westminster, MD 21157
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