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Salt Room
Pink Salt

HALOTHERAPY is a revolutionary fusion of nature and modern technology where
specifically designed equipment, called Halogenerators, crush pure salt into
microscopic sizes and disperse them into a designated space called a salt room.

HALOTHERAPY helps with respiratory issues and skin conditions, enhances athletic performances, boosts the immune system and improves an over all sense of well-being! Everyone who breathes, young and old, benefit from regular Halotherapy.

HALOTHERAPY benefits are proven to be cumulative. Many adults and children
with asthma, allergies, COPD, cystic fibroses and other respiratory conditions
have found that Halotherapy sessions 2-3 times a week can do wonders.

Kinetically activated microsized dry salt particles are inhaled deep into the respiratory system. Those tiny salt particles absorb excess moisture, remove allergens, toxins and foreign substances, break up and loosen stagnated mucus, restore the function of cilia and widen the airways. Large particles settle on the top of the skin and help fight against bacteria, reduce topical inflammation as well as tighten the skin and improve skins micro-circulation.



Smiling Redhead

Minimize medications
Improve skin conditions
Decrease inflammation
Boost immune system
Balance nervous system
Reduce respiratory symptoms


Woman Sprinting

Improve stamina
Increase endurance
Enhance lung capacity
Have better respiratory efficiency
Have rapid cardio-respiratory stabilization
Increase oxygen delivery to muscle fibers


Woman Sleeping

Relax deeply
Sleep better
Breathe easier
Look younger
Have more energy
Detoxify lungs and skin
Improve cellular rejuvenation

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