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CryoSoothe is a treatment technique utilizing the XCryo Machine, which uses a controlled stream of cooled air to reduce pain and inflammation over inflammed, sore or injured muscles, tendons or ligaments..

CORE Service

Treatment Time: 10 minutes


What to Expect

  • The session is performed by a technician who sweeps the cold air applicator over the treatment area for up to 3 minutes in each area.

  • Your technician will discuss the area of concern with you.

  • You will sit or lie down on a comfortable massage table (depending on the area(s) treated).

  • Cooled air will be concentrated over one area at a time for 2-5 minutes while the provider monitors your skin temperature for safety.

  • You will feel intense cooling of the skin that may progress to a numb feeling (you should never feel pain).

  • Other areas can be treated as needed

  • Treatment sessions range from 5-10 minutes depending on area treated.

Conditions Treated

  • Recent Injury

  • Ankle/Wrist Sprains

  • Inflammation and Swelling

  • Post Dry Needling to reduce soreness

Localized Treatment

  • CryoSoothe treatments are targeted to specific areas of the body where individuals are experiencing pain or inflammation.

  • This could include joints, muscles, or other localized regions.

  • The primary goal of CryoSoothe is to provide pain relief: The extreme cold temperatures may help numb pain receptors, reduce inflammation, and contribute to the release of endorphins, promoting a sense of well-being.

  • CryoSoothe also has anti-inflammatory effects: The controlled cold exposure may help constrict blood vessels, minimizing inflammation and swelling in the treated areas.

How Often?

  • Acute/Recent Injury: Daily until pain and swelling diminish

  • Inflammation/Swelling: 2-3x/week until swelling reduces

  • Post Dry Needling: after treatment as needed to reduce post treatment soreness

  • Arthritis: 1-2x/week over painful joints to reduce chronic pain

If you’d like more information about CryoSoothe, get in touch today.

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