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Holistic Facials

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You deserve a facial upgrade!


Discover the true meaning of beautiful skin, with a holistic facial at Restore Therapy Spa.  Your beauty goes more than skin deep and we will help you discover the systems of your body that need support in order to achieve true health - inside and out.

What to expect:

1.  Your Holistic Esthetician will begin by discussing your concerns with you and reviewing your current skin care routines.

2. Then, you will be whisked away into a relaxing, customized facial with an array of nutrient dense products applied with massage techniques.

3. Your Holistic Esthetician will also analyze your skin, provide extractions if needed and pamper you with upper body massage.

4. To end the session, you will have the opportunity to learn about your exact holistic skin care needs and which body systems need to be supported in order to fully heal your skin.

We recommend that all new clients begin their skin care journey with a Holistic Facial

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Skin Mapping

At Osmosis Beauty, we think differently. Our mission is to change the way we treat our skin, empowering its innate ability to heal itself to create real, lasting results without compromise.


We do this by looking at skincare through a holistic lens.

Rooted in the science of the skin-body connection, we go more than skin deep to target the source of common concerns. Osmosis combines the most effective detox strategies with medical-grade, non-toxic, topical formulas and strategic facial services to achieve authentic transformations and overall well-being.


Our bodies are constantly showing us what they need; all we have to do is understand the clues, which is now easy and accessible with Skin Mapping.

Our revolutionary Skin Mapping approach is a thoroughly researched and clinically proven breakthrough that provides clear assistance in the analysis of the organs, toxins, and mechanisms involved in most common skin conditions. Each facial zone represents an organ and the internal imbalances that often reveal themselves on the skin.


Download our Skin Mapping Tool to begin your journey towards  creating real, visible changes in the skin.

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