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Why should great skincare stop at your neck? Enjoy long-lasting silky smooth softness all the way down to your toes with this indulgent and effective body treatment! 


Treatment Time: 60 minutes


What to Expect

  • You will undress completely and be provided with disposable underwear for the treatment duration

  • Treatment begins with you lying in between two towels on a warm table, covered with blankets

  • Your esthetician will uncover one section of your body at a time to massage our TheraScrub body scrub or TheraWrap mud mask into your skin

  • You will then be wrapped tightly in a blanket and left to relax while the treatment absorbs into your skin and works it's magic

  • Once the product has been absorbed, you will be given a spa robe and led to the shower where you wash off remaining product

  • When finished, you will be taken back to the treatment room where your esthetician will conclude your treatment by massaging a hydrating moisturizer into your skin, section by section.

  • You can then get dressed, and enjoy long lasting smooth, supple skin! 


Conditions Treated

  • Dry/flaky skin

  • Ingrown hair

  • Cellulite

  • Detoxification

Our Guarantee

We use only the finest organic ingredients to help detoxify and smooth the skin for ultimate softness. 

How Often?

  • Pre-spray tan: 1 day before spray tan

  • General Skin Health: 1x/month

  • Event preparation: Best day-of or 1 day prior to event

  • Cellulite/detoxification: 1x/week

If you’d like more information about TheraScrub/Wraps, get in touch today.

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