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Soften and elongate muscles with CryoStretch - a Restore Therapy Spa exclusive! You can even use this as an alternative to Dry Needling as it helps to deactivate painful trigger points!


Treatment Time: 30-60 minutes


What to Expect

  • The area being treated must be exposed, so we recommend women wear shorts and a sports bra. Men may be required to remove their shirts. (medical gowns and/or shorts may be provided if necessary)

  • We will keep you covered with a blanket and only expose one area at a time during the session. 

  • The therapist will start by stretching the treatment area without cold air to get a baseline

  • Your therapist will then apply the cold air while simultaneously stretching that muscle again

  • They will finish up by applying a warm towel to the treatment area

  • You will leave your session with less muscle tension and greater range of motion!


Conditions Treated

  • Strains/Sprains

  • Neck or Back Pain

  • Hip pain

  • Muscle Spasms

  • Recent or Chronic Injury

  • Joint Pain, Localized Arthritis

  • Athletic recovery/preparedness

How it Works

Because the cold is only penetrating your skin layers and we are keeping the rest of your body warm, the muscles are free to stretch and elongate. We also end each muscle region with a hot pack and some passive movement to get blood flowing even more.

How Often?

  • Recent Injury or Pain Flair Up: 2x/week until symptoms resolve

  • Chronic Pain: 1-2x/week

  • Muscle Spasms: 2-3 x/week until spasms subside, then weekly for maintenance if needed

  • Joint Pain/Arthritis: 1-2x/week

  • Dry Needling alternative: 1-2x/week for initial treatment and then 1-2x/month as needed for maintenance 

If you’d like more information about CryoStretch, get in touch today.

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