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A mind-blowing technique where the results speak for themselves!

Developed at Restore Therapy Spa as an adaptation to a old physical therapy treatment called "Spray-n-stretch", this treatment uses a cooling device to quickly and safely drop the skin temperature, while keeping the muscles warm. The cool temperatures create a distraction for your nervous system, so that your body doesn't reflexively tighten up towards the end of the stretch. Instead, the response is that trigger points are deactivated and the muscle softens and elongates. 

Quick FAQ
What should I wear for the session?

The treated areas will need to be exposed one by one as we stretch your body. We recommend shorts and a sports bra. We will keep you covered with a blanket and only expose one area at a time during the session.

It seems like cold would tighten up my muscles. How does this work?

Because the cold is only penetrating your skin layers and we are keeping the rest of your body warm, the muscles are free to stretch and elongate. We also end each muscle region with a hot pack and some passive movement to get blood flowing even more.

What kinds of conditions can be treated? Is it just for tight muscles?

This is a wonderful alternative and adjunct to dry needling. Any pain condition that is stemming from soft tissue (muscle, tendon, fascia...) injury or irritation can be helped with CryoStretch. Some clients who are seeing amazing results are neck pain, low back pain, hip pain and more.

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